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A dedicated service team makes boating truly hassle-free

Candela C-7 drives like a dream. But the hidden gem of ownership is Candela’s dedicated service team that makes boating truly hassle-free, says early Candela C-7 owner Jacob Fredell.

As one of the very first Tesla owners in Sweden, Jacob Fredell knew that buying into ground-breaking tech can mean a fair amount of trips to the service center. He, therefore, expected that his Candela Seven would have many of the same issues as his Tesla Model S. It turned out not to be the case.

– The boat worked just fine from day one. I had expected a lot of minor issues, but it just runs!

Jacob Fredell

As a Tesla owner, he appreciates Candela’s time-saving, over-the-air customer service. The boat’s software is regularly updated through the 3G network. If a problem arises, the owner seldom needs to visit the yard – often, a service technician can resolve the issue remotely.

– I experienced one minor problem during my first year of ownership. I was going out for a short evening cruise when the foils would not lock into position, so I phoned Candela. The service team got online and saw that the error was just a faulty reading from a sensor. Before I was out of the harbor, everything worked again!

Even though he rarely has to call them, Jacob praises the Candela service team.

– They are such a dedicated unit, staffed with engineers and technicians. Since they actually built the whole boat themselves, they can answer any questions you have. Their customer service is the best I’ve experienced in the boating industry.

Jacob is an experienced sailor and appreciates the Candelas smooth and quiet ride.

– You can actually drive in one meter high waves without feeling them touching the hull. That’s remarkable!

We at Candela want to extend a thank you to Jacob Fredell for being one of the earliest supporters of Candela and for being willing to share his experiences from his first year of ownership. We also want to invite you to experience the feeling of flying smoothly and electrically above the waves, without the noise, pollution, or the massive fuel costs incurred by fossil boats. Leave your details in the link below. Hope to see you soon.