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Candela Public Transport is coming

Today we are announcing our entry into the Public Transport sector, through a collaboration with the local authorities in Stockholm to operate the world’s fastest electric ferry.

The Candela P-30 will be a joint pilot project together with @RegionStockholm, and will be launched during 2022.

Carrying 30 passengers between stops at up to 60 km/h without emissions, wake, or noise pollution, P-30 will be about 50% less expensive to operate than traditional ferries. With an energy usage per passenger that is equal to that of a hybrid fuel bus, P-30 is not only a replacement for today’s diesel ferries but also a compelling alternative to cars and buses.

By electrifying waterborne public transport, we will come one step closer to turning our vision of clean oceans and lakes into reality.

Learn more about how our hydrofoil technology can have a positive impact on your city: