100% Electric. Built in Sweden. Made from carbon fiber.

Simply, a better

Group 994
57 NM
Group 994 (1)
Top speed
27 kt
Group 994 (3)
8 people8 ppl

Candela C-8

The future of boating has arrived.
Quiet. Smooth. Electric.
Experience the sea like never before.


Electric hydrofoiling makes
the C-8 the only electric boat
with real range at speed.

  • Miami
  • Monaco
  • Stockholm
  • LA


The most advanced electric boat battery pack ever comes from… a car. Candela C-8 Polestar Powered uses the same 69 kWh pack as the Polestar 2 electric performance fastback.

Polestar batteries also bring DC charging to the table, which means C-8 now combines the longest electric range with the fastest charging times. The result is the longest-range electric boat on the market, by a factor of two.

battery 06 v01 Portrait 2
Visit polestar.com to learn more about Polestar.

C-8 has multiple layouts and configurations for all your adventures.

  • Daycruiser
  • Center Console
  • Open
  • T-Top
  • Hardtop
45deg C 8 scaled 1
45deg C 8 T Top scaled 1
45deg C 8 HardTop scaled 1
  • Open
  • T-Top
45deg CC scaled 1
45deg CC T Top scaled 1
DSC 3625


The retractable C-FOIL system makes C-8 a true no-compromise electric boat.

1 Foiling mode 1800

Foiling mode for all speeds above 16 knots. Highest efficiency, longest range.

2 Planing mode 1800

Planing mode for extreme wave heights, speeds up to 20 knots. Reduced range.

3 Shallow mode 1800

Protects foils and the Candela C-POD. Low speeds only.

4 Harbor mode 1800

Foil system fully retracted above waterline to eliminate risk of fouling on front and aft foil systems.

  • Foiling
  • Planing
  • Shallow
  • Harbor

100% Carbon fiber
The C-8 hull, crafted in Sweden, is vacuum infused from 100% carbon fiber, drawing upon expertise from fighter jet technology and airplane design to ensure it’s exceptionally lightweight yet remarkably rigid and durable compared to similar boats.

Stringer V03

C-8 DC Interior

The comfortable interior allows for a cozy overnight experience or shelter from the sun on a hot day.

Interior shots7

A comfortable interior sleeps a small family and provides a retreat from the sun on warm days on the water.

Interior shots5

A tinted window in the ceiling provides just the right amount of natural light.

Interior shots6

Ample storage, a marine head and dimmable LED lights provide full comfort for overnight trips.

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MBY’s review of C-8

Watch Motorboat & Yachting’s amazing review of Candela C-8.

2022 07 07 waves comparison Thumbnail copy

Candela C-8 vs planing boat in waves

We tested wave management in the Candela C-8 alongside a conventional motorboat to see the difference.

2022 02 14 C 8 behind the scenes

Candela C-8’s first flight

See the world’s most anticipated electric boat in action from when we tested out C-8 Prototype 01.

Candela C-POD | The world’s most efficient boat motor

Meet Candela C-POD, the most efficient and long-lasting boat motor ever made. Designed in-house at Candela.

World’s first electric hydrofoiling boat flying in San Francisco | Candela C-7

We couldn’t resist the Bay Area sunrise for an early morning cruise.

Foiling Double Up

Watching the speedy 69F Sailing boat fly next to Candela C-7 is to see into the future.

Virtual Test Drive

Follow along on a virtual test drive on a beautiful Swedish evening in May.

Candela C-7 | Formation Flying

Enjoy this thrilling FPV drone footage of the Candela Seven, the world’s first foiling electric boat.

C-7 Sunbed edition in Italy

The brand-new Candela C-7 Sunbed Edition: Marrying zero-emission, high-speed foiling to all the traditional features needed for a great day on the water.

Foiling in high waves

See the C-7 foil in 15 m/s of wind wakes

C-7 vs regular boats

See a direct comparison to a fossil fuel boat

Range calculator

We estimate the range based on several parameters and real world tests in various conditions. Actual range may vary.

  • Daycruiser
1 person
22 kn


  • Metric
  • Imperial
Carbon fiber
69 kWh – Powered by Polestar
1750 kg 3 858 lbs
8 passengers including driver
DC: 8.50 m
CC: <9 m
DC: 28 ft 3in
CC: <29.5 ft
2.50 m 8 ft 3 in
22 kt cruise, 27 kt top
Candela C-Pod (45/50 kW)
57 NM at cruising speed +3 NM at 4 kn in limp home mode
0.5 in shallow mode
0,9 m in planing mode
0,8 m while foiling
1.5 m while not foiling, foils extended
1 ft 8 in in shallow mode
2 ft 11 in in planing mode
2 ft 7 in while foiling
4 ft 11 in while not foiling, foils extended
11 kW AC: 6.5 h 0-100%
135 kW DC: 35 min 10-80%
15,4-inch touch screen with Candela’s proprietary navigation and boat integration system. Free software upgrades included. One year free sea chart upgrades included.
Candela app with position, state of charge, route statistics and more. Optional geo-fence.
The hybrid hull is shaped for low friction planing in addition to low air resistance when foiling. In Harbor Mode the foils are retracted above the surface which prevents fouling and corrosion.

Here’s the top five.

What is the range at high speed?

The estimated range is 57 nautical miles at 22 knots. This means you can cruise for more than two hours without noise, emissions or wake.

There are many other electric boats out there. What makes the Candela C-8 different?

The Candela C-8 is the only electric boat with the range of a petrol boat at higher speeds, and also the only hydrofoiling electric boat available on the market currently. Hydrofoils bring several benefits that other electric boats can’t offer; vastly reduced noise levels at higher speeds, faster charging speeds per NM of travel, a much smoother ride in rough weather or even small waves and little to no wake generation. A battery pack of a 120 kWh capacity or more in a planing boat will only result in 20-30 nautical miles of range at 20 knots (even if some boat makers unrealistically claim higher range). The only way of solving this energy equation is to use hydrofoils. A Candela C-8 can achieve 57 NM with a battery pack with just slightly bigger than half the capacity of competing boats.

How does Candela C-8 handle high waves and rough water?

Candela C-8’s seakeeping capabilities are second to none for its size. Instead of smashing into the waves, the C-8 flies over them. Thanks to the foils, the ride will be smoother than any conventional boat in moderate waves. Waves up to 1.1 meters pass just under the hull. In rougher conditions, C-8 operates like any other boat- the efficient planing hull and a “planing mode” means that you can operate the boat as you would any other, with the foils acting as a keel to provide extra stability.

What happens if you hit something in the water?

The foils are made from carbon fiber and are dimensioned to carry the weight of the boat. Thus, they are extremely strong, so hitting smaller debris will have little to no effect. Hitting a bigger object – a large log, a submerged container or a shallow spot in the water – will result in the foil breaking off at a designated point. Thus, the boat’s hull is spared from damage otherwise incurred on regular boats.

What is the maximum swell a Candela can handle?

A Candela generally outperforms regular leisure boats in rough weather. The maximum wave height when foiling is approximately 1.2 meters from wave peak to valley.

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