Fast electric

Group 994
40-50 NM
Group 994 (1)
Service speed
25 kt
Group 994 (3)
30 people

Candela P-12

Redefining urban waterborne transportation. Our innovative P-12 is the world’s first high-speed and long-range electric shuttle ship.

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Faster commuting

Today’s ferries travel slowly on urban waterways due to massive wake generation.

Stockholm Route Map

Convenient cross connections

With up to 50 nm range and the ability to travel at 60 km/h, the P-12 offers convenient connections for waterfront communities.

P-12 Variants

The P-12 is available in several different general arrangements, suited for different use cases. Shuttle, Voyager and Business.

Fast, electric

Premium comfort
at sea

Bespoke interior for
unique use cases

Fast, electric


Premium comfort
at sea

Suggested design and general arrangement. We are ready to accommodate your unique design requests.

Design suggestion


Bespoke interior for
unique use cases

Suggested design and general arrangement. We are ready to accommodate your unique design requests.

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Low consumption,
low costs

A new standard for energy consumption. By removing the water surface friction through hydrofoiling, which allows for electric propulsion at high speeds.
Candela P-12 (30 Pax)Diesel bus (40 Pax)Biogas bus (40 Pax)Family Car (5 pax)Electric vessel (12 Pax)Passenger Vessel (176 pax)Water Taxi (16 Pax)
Travelled kilometers (per seated passenger) per kWh at 25 knots (kWh/km/Pax)
Swedish Energy Agency Report: ER 2019:03; volvo.com, kewatec.com, waxholmsbolaget.se, Region Stockholm, Candela
Candela P-12 Shuttle (30 Pax)
Diesel Bus (40 Pax)
Biogas Bus (40 Pax)
Family Car (5 Pax)
Passenger vessel (176 Pax)
Water Taxi (16 Pax)

Traveled kilometers (per seated passenger) per kWh at 25 knots (kWh/km/Pax)
Source: Swedish Energy Agency Report: ER 2019:03; volvo.com, kewatec.com, waxholmsbolaget.se, Region Stockholm, Candela

Cleaner cities

Our shuttles use 80% less energy than conventional ships and have the ability to travel far and fast on pure electricity. This means a 100% reduction in emissions, particulate matter and NOx.

Traditional diesel ferryCandela P-12Reduction
Engine power589 kW44 kW85 %
Consumption at service speed (kWh/Nm)36 kWh5 kWh86 %
Cost of fuel/energy at service speed (€/h)90 €17 €81 %
Local emissions (g Co2/h)13,640 g0 g100 %

Engine power (kW)

Diesel ferryCandela P-12Reduction
589 kW88 kW85 %

Energy consumption in service speed (kWh/Nm)

Diesel ferryCandela P-12Reduction
36 kWh5 kWh86 %

Cost of fuel/energy at service speed (€/h)

Diesel ferryCandela P-12Reduction
90 €17 €81 %

Local emissions (g Co2/h)

Diesel ferryCandela P-12Reduction
13460 g0 g100 %
Candela P 12 2022 Stockholm FOILING 1 Candela P 12 2022 Stockholm FOILING 1

Future-proofing Stockholm
city’s archipelago.

Proving the case: 

The Stockholm Project

Our first P-12 Shuttle has entered serial production and will join Stockholm city’s fleet of public transportation ferries in 2024 in a pilot, on the main routes. The pilot will run throughout 2024 and evaluate the P-12’s performance, in terms of maneuverability, comfort, chargeability, wake, and noise.

With a speed of between 20-30 knots and built for optimal boarding, the current bus and subway commute on a number of routes can be halved.

Given reduced energy consumption, low maintenance needs, and possibility to increase passenger volumes, we estimate that operational costs will be reduced by at least 40%.

A Candela vs other forms of transport: A Stockholm route example. Ekerö Center to downtown Stockholm at 8 am on a Monday. Minutes of travel.

Group 6
image 31
image 31 1

It feels like we’re flying

Electric-boat maker Candela gets cash infusion to scale up production

Its C-8 boat model has already become the best-selling electric speed boat in Europe (and it actually outsells most internal combustion engine-powered boats in its premium category).

Candela’s hydrofoiling electric boats attract $24M investment in a bid for cleaner seas

At a stroke it makes every other boat feel strangely low-tech, as if Candela has finally managed to reinvent the wheel or, perhaps more aptly, discover flight.

Candela’s C-8 flying electric boat is already selling better than gas-powered boats

The result is a super stable boat, you can’t really get seasick on board.

Teslas making waves: A new generation of electric motorboats takes to the water

The world’s first AI-powered, all-electric hydrofoil boat that automatically stabilises itself for a smoother ride

I tested a flying electric boat and it was even cooler than it sounds

Swedish Tech Company Breaks Sales Records With Disruptive New Long-Range Hydrofoiling Electric Speedboat

So, OK, what’s the bottom line? Simply put, the Candela is a better boat. Just like a Tesla is a better car and an F150 Lightning is a better F150. This is the future, kids, and it’s awesome!

Che bello il motoscafo tutto elettrico che vola sull’acqua senza rumore

Fliegen über Wasser

A new era of technology
on the water

Now is the time to invest in environmentally friendly public transportation systems on water.

We provide the solutions that make sense, which in turn provides the passenger a smooth and fast commute that is gentler on the environment and vastly more cost efficient, even after taking capital expenditures into account.

Market proven
The P-12 platform is based on our proprietary hydrofoiling technology, already in use in our leisure boats.

In January 2022 we initiated testing of the first prototype of the Candela C-8, the successor to the Candela C-7.

With more than 40 C-8s delivered worldwide, and another 60 C-8s on order, we are the global leaders when it comes to delivering electric hydrofoiling boats.

Full control, of every detail

As pioneers of electric hydrofoiling, we’ve had to develop nearly all technology in-house. Through full control of every detail, we ensure harmony between hardware and software.


  • Metric
  • Imperial
11.99 meters 39 feet 4.1 in
4.5 meters 14 ft 8.4 in
9.5 tonnes 10.472 US tons
30 passengers, seated
2 x Candela C-POD
252 kWh
up to 175 kW DC
Top Speed
30 knots
Service Speed
25-27 knots
40-50 nautical miles at 25 knots service speed
Candela P 12 2022 studio alpha 00000
Candela P 12 2022 studio alpha 00004
Candela P 12 2022 studio alpha 00001
Candela P 12 2022 studio alpha 00003
Candela P 12 2022 studio alpha 00006
Candela P 12 2022 studio alpha 00007

Here are some answers.

What is the range in high speeds?

The range is up to 50NM in service speed (25 knots). It will be possible to operate the boat for approximately 3 hours before charging. More than enough to handle the rush hours in the morning and evening time.

What are the service and top speeds?

The service speed is 25 knots, the top speed is 30 knots

How many passengers can the P-12 Shuttle take?

The P-12 Shuttle has 30 seats + 1 captain. There is also room for bikes and wheelchair seating. The maximum payload is 3 000kg

What certifications and approvals will the P-12 Shuttle comply with?

The P-12 Shuttle will have a Type approval- DNV Craft with passenger and battery notation. For local standards and certifications please contact Candela to discuss further.

How does the P-12 Shuttle handle rough water?

The P-12 Shuttle handles rough water very well. Significant wave height HS 1 meter when foiling and HS 2 meters when not foiling. If the weather conditions are too rough, simply land, and the P-12 Shuttle works very well as a normal planing catamaran.

What happens if you hit something in the water?

The foils are made of carbon fiber which makes them extremely strong. Hitting smaller debris has little to no effect. Hitting bigger objects – a log or rock for example – will result in the foil breaking at a designated breaking point. The breaking point is positioned to maximize protection of the hull from impact.

How is the boat kept stable?

Using advanced sensor-tactics along with a powerful computer, our boats automatically balance by adjusting the foils. The advanced control system makes adjustments of the foils at a rate of 100 times per second.

What are the charging options of a Candela P-12 Shuttle?

• DC: 175 kW, charging time 10-85 % approximately 45 min

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