Candela P-30

Redefining urban waterborne transportation

Candela’s purpose is to speed up the transition to fossil fuel free oceans and lakes. Our innovative P-30 is the world’s first high-speed and long-range electric shuttle ship. Cruising at 20+ knots on computer-controlled hydrofoils, it consumes 80% less energy than conventional ships. Opening up our waterways for fast, zero-emission transport will revolutionize urban commuting.

Candela P-30 is the world’s first electric hydrofoil shuttle ferry.
Computer-controlled hydrofoils lift the hull above the surface and reduce energy consumption by 80%, allowing P-30 to cruise for 60 nautical miles at a speed of 20 knots.


Not just a ferry, but a system

A Candela P-30 is not only a replacement for today’s uneconomical and dirty diesel ferries. The ability to travel at an average speed of 60 km/h between stops makes it a compelling alternative to cars and buses. Hydrofoil ships require no additional, costly infrastructure, but instead make use of underutilized waterways to alleviate traffic congestion and pollution in urban areas.

A flexible fleet of P-30 shuttles is a cost-effective replacement for bigger diesel ferries in the 300-500 passenger range.


Scalable from 12 to 300 passengers

Our electric hydrofoil technology can be applied to a wide range of vessels, from 12 person taxi boats to 300 passenger ships.

P-30 has a flexible interior with space for up to 30 commuters. An automated mechanical ramp allows easy access for wheelchairs, bikes and others needing extra space.


50 % faster

Today’s ferries travel slowly on urban waterways due to massive wake generation. Candela’s energy-efficient foiling technology permits 30+ knot speeds dock-to-dock without creating wake.

The result is a 50 % reduction in commuting times compared to today’s ferries, as well as more frequent departures.

Cleaner cities
at a low cost

Current high-speed diesel ferries emit large amounts of greenhouse gases. Our shuttles use 80% less energy than conventional ships and have the ability to travel far and fast on pure electricity. This means a 100% reduction in emissions, particulate matter and NOx.

At the same time, Candela’s efficency and maintenance-free electric drive train reduces ship operator’s annual costs by 50%.

A better experience
for passengers

Computer-controlled hydrofoils ensure a safe and smooth ride, even in rough seas. Candela’s proprietary Flight controller has been extensively tested and validated since 2014.

This means a 95% reduction of wave g force compared to conventional ships – and the very end of sea sickness.


A new standard for energy consumption

By removing the water surface friction through hydrofoiling, which allows for electric propulsion at high speeds, the Candela P-30 sets a new standard in energy efficiency for route based transport solutions.


A comparison between the Candela P-30, our 11 meter ship for 30 passengers, and the most efficient light-weight diesel ferries of the same size.

Traditional diesel ferryCandela P-30Reduction
Power needed589 kW88 kW85 % reduction
Energy consumption at 20 knots24 kWh/nautical mile3 kWh/nautical mile87 % reduction
Cost of fuel/electricity per hour36 €5 €85 % reduction
Service cost per hour10 €1 €90 % reduction

About Candela

Cutting-edge tech, already on the market

We’re proud to be the proven leaders in marine electrification. Candela’s electric foiling technology is already market-tested. The Candela Seven, the world’s first and only electric foiling boat, has been in serial production since 2019 and is currently the best-selling electric boat in Europe.

Stockholm-based Candela is Europe’s leading electric leisure boat manufacturer.

Contact us
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